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Apr 4, 2020
When I bored, I read agian my Shonen Jump for improving my Japanese skill. When I found the girl with long white har transform to long black hair, I llke her in black hair. So I read manga from first chapter to last and I will review this manga.

Kamio Yui Lets Loose tell the story about Kamio Yui, girl who can transfrom from black hair to white and change her personality with Kiito, rich and playboy who want meet intersting woman . Kiito must solve all problem faced by Yui if her tied loose and help her.if she got trouble after Yui's friend, Nao, read more
Dec 14, 2019
I have read to 7 volume (in Indonesia, Elex Media Comic have right to publish Hey, Miss Satan take it with 'Raja Setan Ambilin itu Dong!"), the last volume i got and the last volume i will buy later. Since there are no review, i will review my favorite comic.

The main plot is Miss Satan trapped in world cage along Wizard(master of all ability), Hero(cooking master), Fighter(little girl), Mocchin (the baggage carrier, very big man), and the most strongest, priestess(onee-chan of Wizard, ex-battlemaster), the hero group which fight agianst Miss Satan. Also there are another group, the Wizard senpai who released Miss Satan and read more