Mar 26, 2020
Marinate1016 (All reviews)
I'm really not sure what people expected out of this OVA or why they'd expect it to be different from the show. It's an OVA for a series which plays on very overt incest themes and otaku escapism.

Okasaan online does not pretend to be deep, philosophical or substantive, and the OVA keeps that same vibe. It's a fun, silly and relaxing OVA beach episode with the same level of humour, antics and action that we saw in the series. If you did not like the series, you will not like the OVA. If like me you enjoyed the show, you'll love the OVA. It's a fun time and has everything we enjoy about this series dialled up to 10.

Again, this is not an amazingly written episode nor does it pretend to be. Go into this for cute girls and fan service. If you do, you will have an enjoyable experience. If you're not ok with otaku escapism, incest vibes, lewd comedy, etc., steer clear of this.

Personally, as someone who loves the series I found this to be an extremely satisfying blast from the past(summer) and look forward to more content from the series/LN.

Okasaan online OVA gets 10 Shirase's out of 10.