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Mar 30, 2020
Pet (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is going to be a brief one. Pet is an amazing show that takes a couple episodes to get going, but once it gets going, it really gets going. The pay off at the end for having got through the first two eps will be well worth it and I highly recommend watching this.

It’s not a show that spoon feeds you information and requires you to piece things together as you watch. So, you’ll need to actually pay attention and not be distracted on your phone or anything. The storytelling is really well done and revolves around a gang who utilises people who can read more
Mar 28, 2020
It’s really hard for an anime to feel original these days. So many series I’ve seen lately have felt like I was watching the same series, with the same characters, with different names. So when I come across a fresh and unique story, I have to acknowledge it. That’s exactly what I got out of Kyokou Suiri.

Kyokou Suiri is some of the best fun I’ve had watching anime in a long time. Based on a light novel originally, it tells the story of a girl who’s traded her leg and eye for god like powers. She teams up with a boy who also has god read more
Mar 28, 2020
Let me make this clear. Despite being apart of the same universe and franchise, MagiReco is not a Madoka sequel nor does it offer the same type of story and deconstruction of the genre like its predecesor.

MagiReco is very much its own story, driven by character interactions and development rather than shock value and fear like Madoka. That doesn’t mean it’s not as good, it’s just a different type of story. Do not come into this expecting people to lose their heads. Despite the differences, I enjoyed this more than the original.

MagiReco and FGO both aired during the same time and provided very read more
Mar 28, 2020
22/7 (Anime) add (All reviews)
After years of waiting and several OVAs, finally 22/7 fans got what we’d been wanting, a well done anime.

22/7 is based on the 22/7 multimedia project which was started about 4 years ago. The anime follows the origins of the group and their first year or so together. Unlike traditional idol shows that I’ve seen, 22/7 takes a grittier and dare I say it, darker approach to the idol genre.

From the get go, we see it’s not all rainbows and sunshines in this world. This just feels pretty real. The colour palette even reflects it, opting for more muted shades and tones. This read more
Mar 27, 2020
It’s always a bonus when an anime resonates with things you’re genuinely passionate about.

Koisuru is the first anime I’ve ever seen to deal with my first love of astronomy and by all accounts, it did a damn good job. When it comes to Doga Kobo shows we know what we’ll get. Cute girls doing cute things, occasional yuri ships and wholesome content that makes you want to go out and find your own niche group of friends. Koisuru delivered on those expectations and more.

Not only were we treated to wholesome interactions between the cast on their adventures to discover and name an asteroid, read more
Mar 26, 2020
I'm really not sure what people expected out of this OVA or why they'd expect it to be different from the show. It's an OVA for a series which plays on very overt incest themes and otaku escapism.

Okasaan online does not pretend to be deep, philosophical or substantive, and the OVA keeps that same vibe. It's a fun, silly and relaxing OVA beach episode with the same level of humour, antics and action that we saw in the series. If you did not like the series, you will not like the OVA. If like me you enjoyed the show, you'll love the OVA. It's read more
Mar 26, 2020
Hanako-kun is one of the shows that on the surface seems like it has no substance or actual plot. In reality, it’s got some really good writing and underneath its cutesy first few episodes, has a darker interior.

Story wise, Hanako-Kun follows a young girl who struggles to make friends at school. One day she has a chance encounter with an apparition(Hanako) and forms a contract with him. The story follows their subsequent adventures to keep the school safe from rogue apparitions. The first few episodes cover a lot of fluff cases and keep a rather lighthearted tone. A little over a third of the way read more
Mar 26, 2020
Somali really arrived out of nowhere and became one of my fave shows of winter 2020.

I’m a sucker for well written, wholesome and cute shows and that’s what somali was through and through. The story of a girl abandoned in the forest who’s adopted by a “golem” and travels with him across the world seeking answers for humanity’s disappearance.

From a narrative perspective, the show focuses on golem’s emotional development. Initally like his name suggests, he is unable to understand human emotions. Through his meeting and bonding with Somali, Golem slowly becomes more and more human and learns what it means to be a parent. read more
Mar 26, 2020
In an era of sequels, Light Novel adaptions and manga promotional anime, it’s increasingly rare to find a quality original anime.

ID:Invaded breaks the mould and gives us a unique and original story that seems like it’s straight out of a Cristopher Nolan film.

Invaded narratively feels like a mixture of Minority report, Inception and Shutter Island. It tells the story of a detective who uses a machine to dive into peoples’ “Id”, aka mind to solve crimes. As with Inception, there are various levels to the human psyche and depending on the crime being solved, the MC has to go deeper and deeper to find read more
Mar 26, 2020
Nekopara is a fun and cozy way to spend 24 minutes. Simply put, it’s a very relaxing show with extreme amounts of literal and figurative fluff.

Ironically, in contrast to its hentai origins, Nekopara is one of the most wholesome shows I’ve seen. Narratively, there’s not much on the way of plot in this show. It’s very much a “monster” of the week type thing with each episode providing a new challenge or event for the girls to prepare for. These will usually be 90 percent fluff and 10 percent fan service.

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing way to deal with the current read more