Mar 26, 2020
SlimMagoo (All reviews)
It was a slow burn for me. You have to get into it and it takes a while to adjust to the weirdness. That said, this anime had a profound impact on me and left me feeling excited and motivated.

My score of 10/10 does not mean the anime is perfect. But, at the end of the series, I felt 10/10 for having watched it. The catharsis more than made up for my initial discomfort.

I shall be carrying some lessons learnt from this anime through the rest of my life.

Story: It starts out slow, confusing and off-putting. In fact, so much so that it can't have been done so unintentionally. It almost seems as though it is trying to chase away unwanted viewers at the start. It requires you to engage with it, so it is not for superficial watching.

Art: The production standards of Sarazanmai were excellent. One artistic choice that took a lot of adjusting to was the use of live action shots in the ED and occasionally in establishing shots.

Sound: The soundtrack is very good. It is also very repetitive. The show is presented as almost a stage musical. If you like the songs, it gets better each time you listen. If you dislike the songs, you might not enjoy how often they appear, virtually unchanged.

Character: Even if the characters do not seem believable, they actually are. While hindsight is 20/20, the characters' actions all make sense in retrospect. The way they interact with one another is superb. A lot of depth was put into the character writing.

Enjoyment: Enjoyment was proportional to investment. At first, the show was not very rewarding. Over time, it became more so. By the end, the cathartic feeling that comes at the end of any good story was massive.