Mar 26, 2020
lumihime (All reviews)
Oh my goodness, Beastars! Where do I even begin with this show? I remember seeing the trailers for it a short while before it released, and I was drawn in immediately. It had unique animation and a furry cast, so I decided I'd definitely give it a chance once it released.

Well, needless to say, I ended up watching it around the time episode 11 had come out. I binged the entire show.

Story - 9. I think the story is this show's strongest suit, aside from it's characters at least. It deals with social issues and the darker aspects of human society--but instead of using humans, it uses an anthropomorphic cast. I was reminded of Zootopia at first, if that film were rated-R.

Art - 9. I really like the fact this anime is 3D. It's a deviation from the norm, and it's done well. Some have told me the style was off-putting to them, but I honestly disagree. The 2D aspects are appealing too, and they don't clash too much with the 3D models. I also really like the imagery used in some scenes.

Sound - 8. The OP is a total banger, I'm sure you've heard that. The OST overall has some really nice tracks, too--I've come back to a few of them just to re-listen. And as for the voice acting, I found both the Japanese and English VAs to be fantastic.

Character - 9. I think what really makes Beastars shine is its cast of realistic characters that have lots of depth to them. They may appear to be simple at first, but you learn as the show goes on that things are not as they might seem. I particularly like Legosi, the protagonist, and Haru also scores high with me. The character designs are simple, but done in a way that makes them recognizable.

Enjoyment - 9. The scenes in this show had me on the edge of my seat at times, 100%. I was genuinely engaged and didn't feel the need to stop watching at all--I actively wanted more.

Overall - 9. Beastars is a great show. There were very few things I disliked about it, and those things are nitpicks if anything. I'm a shameless furry, so seeing a furry anime that was actually well-made and interesting to watch made my heart soar. After watching, I looked for more content and found out there's an ongoing manga. I ordered the first three volumes pretty quickly.

It may not exactly appeal to everyone, but I encourage you to at least give it a chance if you haven't yet!