Mar 23, 2020
AbattoirRat (All reviews)
I don't do reviews often, but I felt this was being misrepresented. This will be short.

Story - Well written. Interesting developments. Uses tropes as red herrings. The balance of power stays consistent. Clever twists. Memorable characters. The plot progression is steady. Has a game-like feel to it's world-building.

Art - The art looks like a cross between your conventional Ln art styles and water paint. It's unique. I like it.

Character -
-The Mc is a priest with an exasperated yet driven loyalty to his task, his methods are often unorthodox for a priest.
I think this subtle action neatly summarizes his character, using healing magic to cure his headaches from overworking himself.
-The priest is tasked to guide a hero who is summoned from Japan. So slightly an isekai story. Without spoilers I'll say, finish the first volume before you decide how you feel about the hero.

Entertainment - My most anticipated series.

Overall - I tend to rate high, basically 8-10. My scores are more enjoyment based, not comparative based. Which is why I don't write reviews normally. It just didn't sit right with me that 1 of the 2 reviews so far -so very clearly- didn't finish what they were reviewing.

This gets a 10 for me. Probably a 7.8-8.3, once it's scored on MAL.