Dec 21, 2010
kittykatloren (All reviews)
I usually read shoujo manga, so it was the title of this one that drew me in. I thought it would be some sweet story, you know, with all the typical "everlasting love" etc. etc. etc... Boy, was I wrong. And I'm glad I was. I don't have much expertise in action-packed manga such as this, but I devoured this manga like no other.

PLOT: I gave a 7/10 only because I'm probably just too dense/read too fast to really GET the plot. I'm used to character-driven stories, so reading this one with an actual outside plot was different for me. But I caught enough of the main story without working too hard, and it was intriguing and left me hungry for more. I just wish it had been made a little clearer at times, like who was working for who and why.

ART: Beautiful artwork, and the action scenes are about the most intense, breathtaking scenes I have ever witnessed. I was also very impressed by the character designs. They were unique and consistent (not to mention gorgeous) and the diverse nationalities of the characters made for an interesting overall feel to the art. The only reason I don't give it a 10/10 is because there were a couple chapters where it was like there was a different artist, the art was very subpar in a few chapters and I don't know why, but it was distracting. There were also the occasional colored pages, which were nice but because of the nature of the manga, not very "colorful" anyway.

Character: Outstanding, 10/10. I love the characters. For being a plot-driven manga, what really makes Until Death Do Us Part stand out from other action mangas is the characters. Mamoru - so badass you can't help but love him. Not only that, but he also has quite the interesting psyche, and he's hard to figure out. Not to mention a really twisted, unique past. Haruka - at first she seems pathetic and scared (well, she is twelve) but she's adorable all the same. And her growth throughout the series is just incredible to watch. She gets almost as badass as Mamoru in some places. Not to mention the relationship between the two develops very deeply and smoothly, realistically; it's not a weird romancy lolicon at all but a deeper story about what really connects people. All the supporting characters are also dense and diverse. You'll get really invested in them all.

Overall, definitely worth reading, but only start if you've got ample time on your hands!