Jan 18, 2020
TheRotten (All reviews)
Sooo... THIS IS COMPLETE MADNESS, and I wont spoil anything to you, you have to read this manga. If you watched the anime and didnt like it pleeeeease give this a second chance; if you somehow liked the anime or though it was ok you'll like this a lot better; and if you dindt watch the anime just DONT DO IT and read the manga instead (TRUST ME ON THIS ONE).

I read this after watching the anime hopping for another instance of that "so bad its good" kinda feel, but I ended up disappointed. The manga turned out being unironically good (very solid in fact). It has some serious flaws of course (witch I'll leave you to discover), but it shows that the people behind it really cared about it, this project is someone's baby. This is the brainchild of some madman, and the moment you pick it up, you are in someone else's world, its complete insanity, and I LOVE IT.

So, without further to do, lets check the bulletpoints!

Story: Its all over the place, there is a lot of it, and its all just crazy. It starts with a simple enough premise, but as the plot unfolds it derails into complete and utter rampaging clusterf***. The weird thing is that all of this madness was planned from the very beginning, its twists and turns where all planned beforehand witch make it kinda of impressive than this kinda of madfest were not made as it went on. You can never guess what's coming up next, it really throw your expectations out of the window sometimes because of the "no one would be crazy enough to go THAT way" factor. Its entertaining and imaginative for sure.

Art: I would say its very solid. During the first chapters there are some inconsistencies in the art style, but as the series picks up its all pretty good and consistent.

Character: Here is where the anime fails and the manga succeeded. They had their time to grow! You get to care for them not out of artificially forced pity derived from the initial shock value, but out of having the time to get to know them, you want to see them succeed. That apply specially to our protagonist, Aya really does grow as a character.

Enjoyment: What can I say here? Its just really entertaining! I found myself chanting at the screen a couple of time at certain moments, just of how invested I was. For me, it was a blast.


Of course, I spoted a few. They are always welcome.

This is a work of insanity and passion. Thats something I can respect and enjoy.

And the final award:
I think that if some the flaws are ironed out, this could be a genera breaking masterpiece! There is a lot of creativity and good elements in here, there is more value to be made.

So well, this is it.

Esa fue mi reviu de majó yoyo sait para comodor 64, Y espero que les aya gustado.