Jan 14, 2020
Sargossa (All reviews)
Congratulations to Ghost Hunt, for being the first show to score less than a 5 with me.

Actually to be fair, my rating for it was originally a 5. But then I saw Nekopara, and it became my new standard for as middle of the road as you can get. After reviewing that, I realized (I think I always knew, but I don't like being overly harsh with my reviews) that this show deserved a lower rating.

Because while I saw it awhile ago, it sticks out in my mind for all the wrong reasons.

To the show's credit, it definitely has some neat ideas and settings, and I enjoyed the haunted backstories for the ghosts. That is literally the only reason this show is not a 3 or lower.

It's the characters man.... It's the ****ing characters.

I can't recall an anime whose writing irritated me more. It's laziness at it's finest.

The main male character is without a doubt a Mary Sue, and completely unlikable. He is a pompous, arrogant, snide little **** that is magically good at everything. They write the story around him. He literally breaks the rules of the world that have been pre-established because they need a convenient excuse to make him more perfect.

Despite all this, the main female character somehow likes him. It absolutely blows my mind.

So instead of actually having consistent writing, they use his "awesomeness" to write whatever's convenient at the time. It's the show's get out of jail free card for actually committing to a steady set of writing restrictions. Those restrictions exist so the audience can get sucked into the fantasy.

Screw it, I'm gonna spoil the end because it's just too damn stupid.

Despite saying he has no supernatural powers throughout the course of the entire series, apparently "Oh, just kidding! I am actually the most powerful being in the universe, and I make Goku look like a b***h!"

I am being generous with a 4.