Jan 13, 2020
kawaii123456 (All reviews)
"I am going to make a story that has more plot holes than any 5 soap operas combined and strings you along like a nerd hot for an eTHOT, and will never have anything even resembling a satisfying ending.
---Akamatsu, Ken "

You can just imagine the author saying this when he started Negima/UQ Holder. Truthfully if this wasn't his intention by design it certainly has been his result with Mahou Sensei Negima and UQ Holder.

Keep the above in mind, and keep in mind the fact that you need to be disciplined in how you watch these OVAs. You should watch either one, of the first two, both of the first two or just the third as the ending to the series. Watching just one of the first two is by the far the best way to watch these.

Ok what are these OVAs and why am I saying the above ? Each one of these OVA are a resolution to the romantic plotlines of the main series. If you watch the main series and any one of the first two of these you actually have an anime where the romantic story is resolved. If you watch the third you get a reset button.

The first two stories I would actually rate 8s definitely very good. They have a ring of truth and a quality to the story telling not found in the rest of the series. The first one was absolutely incredible right up to the point where it was deliberately sabotaged. As it stands it should just have the last few minutes removed and leave things as they were. The second is also very good but has been done before. If you are also a fan of western comedy animation you have most certainly seen it done on a very big series long before this was made. The third one it's actually about a 7 which is far better than most of UQholder rates. It's a non ending, but it's at least self consistent, and not insanely insulting like the rest of the anime.

Minor But Useful Spoilers

The first episode is about Evangeline's past. It's by far the right ending for the series which is probably why they felt the need to screw it up at the end, in exactly the same way they did with the last episode of the series. They also once again take full advantage of that tired trope of

"In anime when someone is trying to say something important either A) no one will listen or B) something will interrupt them or C) They will get cold feet for no particular reason"

The second episode is Kirie's episode. It's not as touching as the first but it stands completely on it's own. Matter of fact you could watch and enjoy it all on it's own.

The third episode well lets say I am surprised he didn't confess his love to a ham sandwich or a jar of Vaseline.