Jan 13, 2020
Smugman (All reviews)
Story: 2
The story boils down to another rom com manga. The only "twist" is that the heroines are all quintuplets. What could have potentially been interesting ended up being the same old, safe, uninspired manga I've seen enough times before.

Art: 7
The only decent part of this manga. The art style is appealing and the easiest way to tell all the characters apart.

Characters: 3
The protagonist is another uninteresting, self insert type. His character development is about the same as every other manga of this type I've read - starts off cold and not liking the girls but through many wacky and zany and emotional events he becomes a caring and kind person!!!!
Additionally, the sisters are uninteresting as well. Since they all look similar, it's hard to give them the usual tropes but they still exist, and all the girls fall in love with some loser in order to progress the self insert fantasy. Not to mention that the girls also do not have particularly unique personalities and feel like robots who's only objective is to date the protag. Even with issues with their family, school, and struggle with future plans they manage to make it all about wanting to date the protagonist or falling in love with him.

Enjoyment: 2
I about half of this, thinking I liked it but as I read different mangas, I realized this really isn't that good. There are other romcoms that are significantly more interesting, and I found once I returned to continue reading that the plot really just isn't that interesting and the characters are boring.

Overall: 3
I can't really recommend this to anybody unless romcoms are the only genre you read and you can tolerate this kind of stuff. There is so much interesting material to read however, this manga is not that - interesting.