Dec 19, 2019
Miishi (All reviews)
A new manga by Morishita Suu Sensei, popularly known for Hibi Chouchou.
Yubisaki to renren is about a girl who can’t hear and befriends someone from the same university who travels a lot. I don’t know much details as just 4 chapters are out. But so far it seems quite promising.

The art is great and has improved quite a lot compared to chouchou and short cake cake.
So if you’re picky about arts this is for you.

Really love the plot too so far. You wouldn’t really find the usual cliched moments and it’s really cool to see them converse using sign languages.
And I really like the female protagonist in Morishita sensei’s works. They’re really cute and soft spoken types. I don’t know but her works are so fluffy, haha

Looking forward to this series! :-)
As for the ratings, it’s based on the current chapters, might change later depending on how it goes!