Dec 3, 2019
Havra (All reviews)
A story that is clearly there but never truly surfaces.

This Anime gives me mixed feelings. A wonderful beginning that just didn't hit the notes as it went on.

It had a lot to say about it's world and it's characters, it seems like it needed space to breathe. The suggestion of these young girls breaking free from their vastly different but over all negative negative pasts to create beautiful music - without exploring why those where negative and what impact it can have on the individual.

Amazing animation during the live singing - followed by recycled stills of the audience reactions.

Fantastic songs, but you only hear a small fraction of them.

I feel like this is a plenty find anime however, it seems to hit a lot of my little nit picks.

Overall I found it more of a frustration.
This anime made me laugh and cry, but left me empty. I wanted to know more but a lot was left unsaid.