Nov 27, 2019
AsianG (All reviews)
Story - 8 I really loved this manga's whole story, the author Warainaku has really outdone himself, making a super interesting world full of interesting rules. The story starts out a bit slow but gets going really quickly and once it gets goig you won't be able to put it down. Its full of a lot of mysteries and many twists and turns and overall doesn't have many plot holes (only 2 big ones) which are mostly there to give the story a fantastic ending, oh did I mention that this story actually has a fantastic ending and is completely scanlated.
Art - 10 I loved the full, thick lined art Warainaku went with, it fits in with the semi-superhero look the story is initially set in, if you are put off by the art initially don't worry it goes down a very different, freaking awesome route and doesn't stick to the cheezy super hero stuff much. By the end, you'll be awing at the gorgeous array of panels.
Character - 9 I found all the characters very lovable and well written, everybody has solid goals and nobody really does anything that out of character. The only gripe I have is that they start out a bit standoffish but Warainaku makes sure to give everybody the proper screentime and character growth they deserve.
Enjoyment and overall- 10 I loved everything about this manga for the art, story and everything inbetween. A definite recommend from me, especially if you are looking for a great action manga with an interesting plot that all comes together to read.