Nov 19, 2019
ScorpioMilo_ (All reviews)
Kimetsu no yaiba (Demon slayer) such a very good anime to me.

First the story, I just want to say the story is obvious from the beginning till the end of first season and I am sure Kimetsu no yaiba can take the heart of the people who watching on the first episode so people will enjoying the anime from the first episode.

The Art of Demon slayer is is very good from the visual with incorporating culture element that will give a more value to the art, and i am not suprising for the grapics, It's a Ufotable.

Well the sound, I bet not just me, most of the people will be stunting when the action scene on episode 19 when the action run with the theme song, And a right music theme on every scene that can get our emotional up for a moment, And the sountrack for opening and ending it's a right music with the anime

Character, I still do not know yet all the characters because i do not read the manga, But there is 2 characters that i donot like they are Zenitsu And inosuke , I do not know what people think but i think Zenitsu charaters is disturbing he is too coward it's not as good as his power, For inosuke i only did not like the clothes with a pig mask and always naked body.

Enjoyment, Like i say the sound theme make me more drowning with Kimetsu no Yaiba, The art is more intersting, The action is good, The characters of Tanjiro is right, and there is no "Hentai element".

Overall, Not a perfect but atleast Kimetsu no Yaiba is so far from disappointment.