Nov 11, 2019
dirtbum (All reviews)
O maidens in their savage seasons..... Going into this anime, I didn't have high expectations. To be honest, I didn't expect anything from it as I was clueless to what it was. But the from the get-go, the first episode got me interested, it definitely displayed potential and I was satisfied with the whole show. Well the story could have been slightly more ambitious, it was understandable and definitely above average already.

Character- 9/10: I love them, they are well developed and funny. The show dwells into each character enough and it didn't feel that anyone was left out. All of them experiencing the effects of teen-hood and puberty, it's pretty enjoyable. What's best is that they are full of energy, they are lively and relatable. Plus man, in some scenes does the character go full crazy, in a good way of course, this makes me attracted to the show and wanting for more.

Art- 8/10: Art is nice and pretty, some parts however seemed slightly too 'blurry' if you get what I mean. The whole show had this whitey frosted glass effect on it but it wasn't too bad. Characters are well designed and could easier tell the differences from one another.

Sound- 7/10: It was alright, wasn't too crazy about it, wasn't hating on it as well. It did it's job

Story- 7/10 : The story wasn't as solid as I would like, I definitely see where the show wants it to go but I wish there was a bigger and stronger story that the episodes can follow. Instead of having those 'fillers' in-between, I use 'fillers' very loosely as they ain't that bad. I enjoyed these small embarking stories that eventually goes back to the main story.

Overall, I was pleased with how this show came out. I feel that this show is slightly underrated but that's what I like, finding hidden gems, it's like striking gold. Hands down my favorite character is Hongo, my gosh, she's such a weirdo and it's great. Harassing a older adult teacher to learn more about the sexual experience.

decent 8