Nov 9, 2019
MisakiManjoume (All reviews)
It's not so often (or at least I tnink it shouldn't be) when you give something a 10/10 rating. But yet, Wolf's Rain captured me enough to make that decition. But can I blame it? The story, to me, is very thrilling- from the very first episode, I got absolutely into it and couldn't wait to learn what would happen next. It has a fair balanse between comedy (although there weren't many moments, it's more of a serious-toned anime) and brutality of the world the characters live in. Any drama they have, I have with them. I also love its style. It's simple, but also detailed at the same time. I wouldn't say characters received enough development, but they were able to change, learn and persuade. The best thing about this show is probably the music- I recommend anyone to listen to an offical soundtrack. Especially the ending- still one of the most beautiful anime songs I've ever heard. All in all- if you haven't watched it yet, go give it a try now.