Nov 9, 2019
Mirai_Hunter (All reviews)
Amagi Brilliant Park is a 2014 anime by KyoAni.
Its about a vague noob called Seiya Kanie who has to bring up the standards of a falling apart park as a new manager and save the park otherwise it will go out of business. It was a delightful show and I was chained to every episode, you've got an original concept and the most fun characters and light hearted comedy without the show been taken too seriously,
I cant tell you which episode I love the most cause I could just watch it over and over. The charatcers in the story are Seiya Kanie the parks new manager whos self obsessed, thinks the park is trash and everyone is helpless. But over time he becomes likeable and not your typical pererted, eats alot of food, generic protaganist. Then youve got Ratifa a real life princess and croquette maker, Shes kind and caring and not a bitchy tsundere. Then theres Izuzu Sento who had trasnfered to Seiyas school, Shes also possesses a BB gun or a real gun..But I love her character her voice in both sub and dub is quite robotic at first and shes not some over-used fanservice other protaganist and shes constantly not got the camera focusing on her tits or ass which would be a big no no.
Then youve got the elementario dancers and the mascots who are so damn fun to watch on screen and what kind of hijinks especially the mascots get up to. One of my biggest pro's about this show is the fact that it doesn't use an awful lot of fanserivice and when it does its only for the moment with context without waving it in your face. If you want to watch a worthwhile, masterpiece its this anime :)