Nov 8, 2019
ThorNN-heim7 (All reviews)
Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai Next continues right where the original season left off, giving us new answers and more questions.
Story/Characters: As stated above, the Next season continues where the first one left off. The story and the characters' background gets deeper than in the first season, diving into their insecurities. It's slightly darker, ut still contains the comedy elements that made the first season fun. My only real problem with the story was how this season left off, as it created a lot of questions and problems, especially seeing how there might never come a season 3, but overall it might be even more enjoyable than in the first season.
Art/Sound: The art and sound is the same good stuff we got in season 1, but I'd argue that the intro is far better than the previous, as it is less messy and more concise.
Overall: I love this show, but I would've wanted more, and less of a cliff hanger ending. I highly recommend that comedy fans and fans of personal issues watch it, and everybody else as well... It's great...