Oct 25, 2019
RainbowSlowmo (All reviews)
I'm really suprised to not see another review about this so far... Maybe I stumbled across a hidden gold mine?

Let's just say I really like this manga so far! I've read up to the most recent chapter which is 48 and honestly can't wait for the next one! The Art and story are very enjoyable and I actually really like how it's all structured and set out. I have barely seen art like this and am really enjoying it.

The characters are pretty likable too, you have the young guy who is coming into basically this whole new world and learning new things has he goes and is actually learning from his mistakes. Whilst you have to blunt, cool and laid back senpai who is basically teaching him. My favourite by far has to be the manager of the cafe so far because everytime he comes on I just know it's going to be a fun little part and he's just down right awesome.

I honestly cannot express how much you should read this and you will notice how incredible it is after reading it.