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Oct 25, 2019
Preliminary (48/129 chp)
I'm really suprised to not see another review about this so far... Maybe I stumbled across a hidden gold mine?

Let's just say I really like this manga so far! I've read up to the most recent chapter which is 48 and honestly can't wait for the next one! The Art and story are very enjoyable and I actually really like how it's all structured and set out. I have barely seen art like this and am really enjoying it.

The characters are pretty likable too, you have the young guy who is coming into basically this whole new world and learning new things has ...
Jun 26, 2019
L♥DK (Manga) add
I haven't made a review in months but just came back just to give people a warning and basically a whole signal flag waving review to stay clear unless you like feeling like a idiot for still reading. First off, I definitely didn't read through all of this and skipped to most important parts but I still got a great understanding of the entire thing.

Story 5/10: Now... the story isn't bad at all it's your regular shoujo type situation of people living together and they fall in love. I love shoujo romance manga and it's one of my favourites to read but this... this I ...
Jan 5, 2019
Mixed Feelings
I have really mixed feelings about this whole entire manga. I didn't expect it to go the way it went and I really hated the ending. Spoilers ahead..

Story 6/10: Now... The story I've seen a few time with the how body switching thing and blah blah blah but it's abit different in some parts. The story starts of strong and you thing, wow this is going to be interesting y'know! They're obviously at the end going to realise their feelings and maybe change back into their bodies and live happily ever after right? No. Instead it takes this whole different path to which he falls ...
Dec 27, 2018
Prunus Girl (Manga) add
Story based on a guy who dresses like a girl and a popular guy who fall in love with each other. Sounds like a walk in the park for your typical gender bender thinking right? Well it certainly was for me...

Story 6/10: So... Coming into this I completely accepted the whole fact he was a guy dressing as a girl from the get go. Being my first gender bender/cross dressing manga I thought why not give it a go and y'know? See how it is. I was fairly impressed to read it that I finished in one go. There was a few times I'd ...
Dec 26, 2018
Ben-To (Anime) add
A story about a bunch of people fighting over bento's in a supermarket that are half priced. What more can you ask for huh? Honestly surprised at how well I enjoyed this. I thought I would skip through the entire thing to the interesting parts but I didn't...

Story 7/10: Okay... The story isn't amazing right. I mean it's a well thought and perfectly executed story line and I enjoyed it... but it's a bunch of kids fighting over half priced bentos at a supermarket? The story progressed well at the beginning although I was kinda confused at the beginning due to them taking forever to ...
Dec 22, 2018
Kishuku Gakkou No Juliet known in English as Boarding School Juliet is basically a modern day Romeo and Juliet but instead of families it's countries (Well atleast I think, they never really touched up on the subject and explained). If you're looking for a good romantic comedy where you'll find the characters enjoyable then look no further! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Now.. Coming into this I understand very well it was a Romeo and Juliet type story and considering it started as a cutesy type kinda anime I knew that there was not going to be a suicide at the end. The story starts off strong and shows ...
Dec 8, 2018
Mixed Feelings

Story started of fairly decent and that's why I kept reading... I know there is no romance tag but honestly was kind of expecting there to be some kind of ending to it romantically wise considering they were NOT related by blood! All throughout the series every single page and I kid you not was constant teasing, every single page. I was expected teasing and was expecting quite abit of it... but after a while that turned into a big annoyance and boredom for me. We find out bout half way through the only reason she's acting like this is because he used ...
Dec 3, 2018
I'm just going to jump straight into this so...

Story 6/10: Now... I love the whole school romance vibe I get from manga because for some reason I can relate and understand it. The story all together started off amazing, even though it felt a little rushed into the whole relationship at the beginning I still accepted it. Things were moving smoothly and unless I missed a chapter or page or something... Where the hell was the kiss scene?! I mean just a few chapters in and he's already feeling her up under a blanket, yet they won't add a kiss scene? I thought things were ...
Nov 29, 2018
So I stumbled across this gold mine whilst I finally checked the "top manga" list and seeing as it was only 18 chapters with such a high scoring I thought "wow.. this is either a very deep story or someone broke the score..." and it turned out to be quite a interesting and deep story.

The entire story is based on just one question... "What is my life worth?" As we go through the story the MC from the beginning has dead set, set his sights on ending his life with doing very little in his end days approaching. Then enter the main female character Miyagi... ...
Nov 4, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (23/84 chp)
Currently only read up to 23 chapters but I'll consider reading more in the future and post about it here..

Story is pretty un-original with the whole secret otaku meets a otaku and blah blah blah fall in love. The art isn't amazing nor is it bad it's pretty much common for manga and it's really nothing special. Characters are the thing I most hate about it. The main male is an absolute idiot and is one of the "weakest/beta" characters I've ever seen,. y'know when it comes to a confession and the girl says "I've never really thought of it that way, I don't even ...

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