Oct 23, 2019
Animess_otaku03 (All reviews)
Code geass is by far the best anime I have ever seen.
I first only saw the reviews of code geass and this anime was compared with some of my fav Animes like Death note etc. And after watching it I can say that it is on a whole different level. This is an absolute piece of art . It creates a sense of interest in the viewer's mind from the start. The MC LELOUCH LAMPEROUGE is the best character you can get.

The story is intriguing and creates a good suspense in every episode.
The robot fights are good. And I think we all can call this the best revenge anime of all time. 1st season is a masterpiece. With an unexpected and amazing finale 1st season is the best. So I think anyone who loves anime should watch it ASAP

(The 2nd season is just as good as the 1st season )