Oct 22, 2019
Hyouka (Anime) add (All reviews)
isvr95 (All reviews)

From start to end Hyouka is just a collection of situations that happen to the members of the Classics Club (whatever that is), the main four characters are dull at best and infuriating at worst, specially both of the male characters, character progression is inconsistent and most of the times it comes out of nowhere, like the director forgot to develop their characters for lots of episodes just for something to happen in what episode in the most over dramatic way possible and then have little to no significance on the later episodes. From a technical standpoint the show is where it's at its best, framing and lighting complement the beautiful art direction and the soundtrack has some couple of tunes that will be on your head even after you finish the episodes.In conclusion, Hyouka could have been better if it was half the duration, the cast overstates its welcome and with only a couple of arcs being enjoyable its hard to say I will miss them or their adventures any time soon. As the main character says , don't waste you energy on unimportant things. There are many other worthy High school, slice of life shows out there and if you are not craving for your life for some mystery you should really consider looking somewhere else.