Oct 20, 2019
Momo_Deviluke14 (All reviews)
Well to resume the hentai has lolis, love and sex between teacher x student, and incest ... so if these topics bother you or something, save yourself the trouble and don't see it.

In the first episode we have our young girl in love with an older man who is her teacher with whom she asks to be his girlfriend, they kiss and quickly go to sex, I appreciate this to get to the point as always, let's go to what we are going fast.

The animation is fine, a good artistic style, fluid animations, as well as good angles.

I loved the first sexual scene a lot, passionate sex for the first time of the little girl, then we presented an unexpected song in the middle of the episode, but I liked this very much, very tender indeed "wife loli" could the title of the song.

I will not say much of the second part of the episode, it is the typical forced sex fanservice for to please the seers.

With the second episode there is not much to say either, we are introduced to the second loli, a very lascivious and naughty little sister, sex is conducted quickly again, with her confessing her sexual desires to her brother while he was sleeping and again we have a part of a sing

In general they have been very good episodes, good character design, good sound, decent animation, direct story to the sex.

If you like young girls, little sisters, relationship between a student and teacher this is your hentai and you will surely enjoy it a lot.