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Mar 7, 2020
Honestly, this is a wholesome doujin.

What I liked about this doujin was the contrast that the author showed in the a inmoral situation, usually this type of story takes place in a cruel or dangerous way for the victim, but here they show us a second possibility or option where things are going well and the antagonist ends up being a kind person and a loving and important interest for the victim, to the point of making an immoral situation look reasonable and with a nice result at the end.

The relationship between the two ends up showing very cute, where both care about what will ...
Nov 26, 2019
Probably you have fantasized or wanted to return to your student time or if you are still young and you read this surely when you are an adult you will also want to return to that time, but I do not talk about simply repeating everything again, so boring !!!...I'm talking about go back to your old self with your mind, experiences and memories of your adult self. Can you imagine it? I am sure that yes, and surely on more than one occasion you wanted to have the opportunity to repeat things again and achieve new things, such as learning something new, going to ...
Nov 5, 2019
Joshi Luck! (Anime) add
Teacher x Student

The story is about a lacrosse coach from a group of high school girls, really very hot high school girls who seem to want their coach's cock and milk from day one, while the coach is a bit shy or hesitant to act for afraid of the problems that may cause, but can someone really resist the temptation of 5 girls ?
So this is the history of this hentai, where the teacher is not the pervert, those five lacrosse girls are perverts, desiring good sex ... Can there be a bastard with such good luck in real life ?.

The animation is excellent, ...
Oct 28, 2019
-Gang Bang
-Large Breasts
-Mind Break

We have 2 subjects looking to fuck a schoolgirl, they get into the house and surprise her with her maid, where she is blackmailed with a photo, taken and raped ... nothing really special, except for the plot twist in final.

The animation in the moments where there is no sex as almost always very bad, but when you have to have good animation is decent, the voices are good, the art looking at the girls they have thick and hot bodies, very erotic tits and good elasticity, The blue-haired girl and the hair pink girl that the doctor ...
Oct 22, 2019
Preliminary (2/2 eps)
A good hentai full of forced sex, bondage and gangbang.

If I can define what made me feel all those sexual scenes in a serious word "CRAZY" I love his style of animation and art, it is a bit peculiar, I have seen other works of the director such as Mashou no Nie 3 and Imouto Paradise where it is shared the same style.

The used style to animate the movements, the angle of the camera where it wobbles and sways everywhere, next to the fast movements and vigorous shaking, the tits and butts swaying strongly, I highlighting how amazing the movements of the mouth remain in ...
Oct 22, 2019
~ Girl's Education ~
Teacher x student relationship

This hentai is about students in love with their teacher and confessing their love, although with slightly different results in both cases.

I like the context of the first episode, a girl confessing her love to her Sensei and subsequently having a secret sexual relationship having sex whenever they can, in the end including a pregnancy, and getting married, but not before asking the girl's father for permission and having a happy ending.

However I do not like animation much, it is a bad thing at times and it could be better, the designs are fine, although I understand that it ...
Oct 20, 2019
Preliminary (2/2 eps)
Well to resume the hentai has lolis, love and sex between teacher x student, and incest ... so if these topics bother you or something, save yourself the trouble and don't see it.

In the first episode we have our young girl in love with an older man who is her teacher with whom she asks to be his girlfriend, they kiss and quickly go to sex, I appreciate this to get to the point as always, let's go to what we are going fast.

The animation is fine, a good artistic style, fluid animations, as well as good angles.

I loved the first sexual scene a lot, ...

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