Oct 13, 2019
Allwynd (All reviews)
Story, like in many animes starts intriguing, but by the 3rd-4th episode it gets watered down and the only thing that can keep you going is knowing there are only 12 episodes so it will be over soon, so you might as well bear with it.

The characters feel shallow and their motivations are questionable. Like those Ai and Machi girls, both their characters and backgrounds feel like they were created by an aspiring 13 year old "writer".

So one girl gets burned in flames and disappears, the other one just up and leaves home to join some shady old dude and a kid. Both girls are 16 and nobody cares that they disappeared, not their parents, not the police, nobody...

First the story starts about the beef between the two girls, but then it becomes something of very little importance, they introduce this mother and her kid and they become the new focus of the story and only for the last few episodes they resurrect (pathetically) the original story only so they can say in the end "see? we finished it".

Overall I had struggles to finish this show and would put it in the list of mediocre animes that you watch when you're bored out of your mind and can't think of anything better to do.

There is little story, little intrigue, it's as I said - something so basic that an amateur 13 year old kid can write something like this.