Oct 8, 2019
SiriusTimeKeeper (All reviews)
Pervyly funny and sweet~

The male MC’s (Ryou’s) approach of pursuing the female MC (Ichika) is extremely dangerous. If you follow his footsteps, you will probably wind up in a cell filled with dakimakura(s). Jokes aside~ this manga should be used purely for entertainment but not for education.

!!Minor Spoilers!!
Story: 7
Really straightforward with no digression. Along the story, we will witness how Ichika embraces Ryou and actually accept Ryou’s love and warmth? o.O

Art: 10
The strongest category of this manga. Definitely an S tier manga when it comes to art figure transitions between Chibi and real-life proportion.

It is clear that the illustration of chapter 1 is a little rough when compared those of the later chapters as the mangaka was still trying to get used to his/her new work; however, as more chapters are being delivered, the manga's layouts and depictions become cleaner (I don’t really mind having no background in certain scenes) and more aesthetically pleasing.

Character: 9
Ichika: Just a simple girl, yet tolerant toward Ryou
Ryou: Was a fuckboy -> reformed and became a masochist who loves only one girl
Rio: Ryou’s sister and Ichika’s classmate/close friend who plays a significant role as a mediator

Some side characters will appear to help create some stories or scenes.
However, several other side characters will appear as they will try to get the “love” attention from both Ichika and Ryou. As always, this isn’t possible as they are just “side characters”. :P

Each character or side characters have their purposes. But the manga hasn’t reached the point of showing multiple layers of main characters’ personalities. Thus with a -1.

Enjoyment: 10
Love this manga. Definitely was relaxing and comical read while cruising through 33 chapters.

Overall: 9
This manga won’t be a mainstream Romcom manga like some others, but it isn’t something you should ignore once you find it :)