Sep 23, 2019
Iambae (All reviews)
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2, one of if not the most wholesome anime I ever seen.
There was a time when you were young and liked someone, you probably kinda teased that person cause you wanted him/her attention; This anime is about that exact same feeling/time.

This is one of my favourite anime, and it is back with another great season. I cannot stop smiling while watching this show, it brings the best inside me, it is just very pleasant to watch.
The way it handles love not only for a 'special person' but as a whole is just impeccable, every character in this show is cute, pure and appealing, they perfectly reflect the message of the show.

Although this season is very similar to the first, it is still captivating; The way they keep the tension high in such a authentic way; It is amazing to me how much natural emotion this anime makes me feel.

If you ever had empathy or feelings for someone I think you will be able to relate to this one somehow...
Don't miss it!