Sep 17, 2019
LegendAqua (All reviews)
Homare's Declassified Stranded in an Island Survival Guide: Anime Short Edition

4 girls gets stranded on an island when their plane crash, they need to survive as well as send for help in any way possible and Homare Onishima knows all the survival tips because of her father teaching her this at an early age. So that's the basic premise, how about the characters?, well due to Homare knowing all the survival tips let alone her childhood mostly in the dangerous wilderness, she a bit of a quirky, blunt social character and that makes her funny in a ways especially with the interactions with the rest of the cast. Mutsu Amatani voiced by Kiyono Yasuno and Asuka Suzumori voiced by Hiyori Kouno help Homare with things to help with their surivial, with Mutsu being knowledgeable and taking on what Homare says to heart, while Asuka is this but more in the physical labor and helping the team. Shion Kujou voiced by Azumi Waki on the other hand at the start expects the same basic human resources and hardly does anything besides whine at the start of the anime and yeah becomes annoying but much like the rest of the cast getting that knowledge from Homare and working on their survival and helping the team, Shion DOES get into the groove of it and distance herself from her whiny self but she does get into trouble at times, not of her own volition. Nonetheless the cast though extremely minimal and to be expected for a "survival guide-like anime short" it's to be expected. Ohh and Homare's father Jouichi is a madlad!

The animation done by Ezola was pretty good even for an anime short and yeah there is expected fanservice, be it of the yuri and typical fanservice elements (considering it's essentially a beach island anime). The backgrounding though not spectacular does show off the grossness of certain survival elements but with the moe character designs of the core cast, Ezola did a pretty job with it's animation overall.

The voice cast, well to say that the voice cast had chemistry..well they had it at least and it helped even with their comedic moments. LA's favourite voice actor (and character overall) would go to...Homare's, that of M.A.O, she just had that blunt comedic tone about her and she kept it all throughout the anime and LA loved it.

Sounan desu ka is a funny, ecchi "educational" anime, it's not LA's favourite educationally ecchi anime for Summer 2019 but for what it was worth and all the comedy it gave whilst showing off it's knowledge of survival tips was a fun watch. Sounan desu ka?...yes the characters are, but the anime short itself KNOWS what it is and does what it needed to...