Sep 11, 2019
yuruzu (All reviews)
I just had the opportunity to watch Tenki no Ko and it was an amazing watch, regardless of its flaws. As I myself am not a huge fan of Kimi no Nawa, I will NOT be referring to the show's predecessor and its worldwide success.

Story - 7

Although the story isn't exactly very original, it is still an extremely fun watch that manages to maintain a somewhat fantasy aspect while still being somewhat realistic. However, the story was still somewhat predictable to an extend and I would have loved to see an ending which was able to tie up more of the loose knots in the show and how the citizens of Tokyo had to change up their lifestyles to fit with the state of the weather.

Art- 10
There seriously isn't much to say about the art, Makoto Shinkai continues to excel in this department in every single one of his films whether you like them or not. The art is simply superb and jaw dropping, Shinkai never fails to amaze me by pumping out such amazing quality in his film.

Sound - 8
Music was great, I'm no expert when it comes to music so this is all just based on my own personal enjoyment and how the music was used in the scenes. Voice acting was superb, I believe the voice actors did an amazing job in bringing the characters to life, the emotional scenes felt genuine and no scene felt fake whatsoever , I have no qualms about the quality of the voice acting.

Character - 6
This is most likely the biggest problem I have with the film, although I think the side characters do have their fair share of time (which honestly still isn't enough but there is only so much you can do in a 2 hour film) that makes them more likeable, I felt like there could have been more expansion on Hina and Hodaka's relationship. Although we do get to understand Hodaka more as the film goes on, I felt like Hina should have had more time so that we could better understand her as a character. Although she is indeed cute, she felt more like a plot device which was merely there to drive the story further, rather than being a character who helps the story to progress forward naturally.

Enjoyment - 8
I enjoyed this film thoroughly, although it isn't the next contender for best film or anything similar to that, I left the cinema feeling quite satisfied with the way the film was handled

Overall verdict - 7.8/10
Even though I did have some problems with the show, it is nontheless worth a watch if it is coming to a cinema near you, you would most likely enjoy it if you did enjoy Makoto Shinkai's past works and I do not think your enjoyment would be affected unless you are looking for the next Kimi no Nawa. Do give this film a shot and let yourself decide if you like the movie or not.