Sep 11, 2019
Empyreanpain (All reviews)
Been a while since I wrote a review. I've seen a lot of good anime and they were all worth writing reviews for but I suppose I couldn't be bothered.

Anyway, I'll get to it. Liked this series a lot. It felt realistic but was also beautiful, cute, and romantic. However, it didn't push the romance in your face and focused more on the characters' personal lives, which I thought worked really well.

Story - Very Good. The romance between the 45 year old manager and 17 year old employee was interesting and done really well.

Art - Very Good. It had a gentle tone and was rather cute as well. The animation never dropped.

Sound - Very Good. The music that played during romance scenes was nice and the voice acting was as well. The show had the best music it could play at all the right moments.

Characters - Great. Personally, it's the characters that I enjoy the most in anime. If you don't watch something you never know what kind of complex, amazing, awesome, funny characters you might miss out on. The characters weren't particularly dazzling in this series but they had more than enough complexity and development to keep me happy. It was a lot of fun watching the main characters deal with their aspirations and relationships with one another.

Enjoyment - Very Good. I was smiling a lot watching this series. The Manager's awkwardness at times was hilarious and it was also one of his most charming features. Tachibana's feelings for him came across as adorable, especially due to her seemingly cold and aloof personality.

Overall - Very Good. I like anime that focuses more on just the main characters. The side characters in this series were interesting and I found myself enjoying their scenes quite a lot. I also really like when 'romance' animes focus more on characters' dreams than their romance. That might just be a personal taste though. Anyway, yeah! Sold 8 for me!