Aug 5, 2019
Nekotsuki17 (All reviews)
You know what? After watching 5 episodes of this anime, you can't really complain about the bad CGI anymore. I mean, let's all be honest here, there's a lot of anime out there with worse animation than this. I know they skipped some of the content but that's not something to really complain about. You can still follow the story if you watch it properly. So instead of staring at the bad CGI and complaining about how dark everything is, just try to enjoy the show. This is the part where you say the internet saying "It's so bad, it's good". And what does that mean you ask? Well I don't know, I just put it in there to make the review longer.

They did a really good job adapting the manga, even though they skipped the part where they were supposed to get isekai'd. Are you trying to copy the Fate Series': Heaven's Feel opening? Unlike some directors who changed the whole story of some anime, *coughs* Tokyo Ghoul *coughs* Akame ga Kill *coughs*, the director followed the manga pretty well.

Now leaves the question of is it bad? good? both? Ye I don't know. Why not just partner the director of this anime with the author who made Ousama Game.

This review didn't make sense? I agree.