Jun 29, 2019
DaCraziGuy (All reviews)
Well, I can't remember the last time I found a Romcom that I actually really enjoyed. I usually like romcoms, but this one is one of the better ones imo. And I rarely give 8 or more to seasonal shows.

Now first, the bad stuff, I don't know if the art of the show is for everyone, I really liked it tho and it's consistent during the entire season. The show is pretty safe and it doesn't have anything innovative and it has it's fair share of cliches. The soundtrack is meh. It is a harem, something that not everyone likes, but I have to add that it avoids most of the commons cliches of this genres. Most of the cliches of this show are around some classic "events" that happens in most SoL or romantic shows.

The plot is a romcom, don't expect more than that.

Now, the good stuff:

Characters and their development, I actually liked all the characters and all of them get screen time. They have a pretty natural progress and they never felt like they were acting out of place. All of them got some backstory to some extend, all of them matured or changed during the season to some extend without loosing their personality and they all have some kind of goal.

The MC actually seems to act like a guy, he also gets development and he matures a bit during the season. That is a huge plus in these kind of shows for me.

The animation is great, everything is fluid during the entire season.

Despite being a harem, we don't get almost none jealousy cliche scene and even those aren't exaggerated as the usual.

Despite being a romcom, the show has the subplot of the girls trying to achive some goal, that is also something that I like that breaks a bit the constant flow of romance and it makes the show more interesting to me.

Overrall, if you like romcoms with a pretty casual story with well developed characters that act in a pretty natural way I think you should give it a show. The show was interesting from the beginning to the end and it actually improved after a couple episodes, something not that common in this kind of genre.

So yeah, if you like anything of what I said I think you should try it.