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Jul 9, 2019
Well, WTF? This was one of those animes that I watched long ago and forgot about, 5 years later a wild OVA appears.

A pretty classic ecchi show, with a perverted MC and some cute moments... I've never seen anyone talk about this show. Pretty standard animation with few complains and some distinctive art that may appeal or turn off some people.

I actually enjoyed this OVA, that actually delivers a closed ending to a type of show that usually never gets it. Besides being enjoyable by itself, this OVA improved my enjoyment of the show and it makes it actually an enjoyable, full, satisfactory and read more
Jun 29, 2019
Well, I can't remember the last time I found a Romcom that I actually really enjoyed. I usually like romcoms, but this one is one of the better ones imo. And I rarely give 8 or more to seasonal shows.

Now first, the bad stuff, I don't know if the art of the show is for everyone, I really liked it tho and it's consistent during the entire season. The show is pretty safe and it doesn't have anything innovative and it has it's fair share of cliches. The soundtrack is meh. It is a harem, something that not everyone likes, but I have to add read more
Jun 9, 2019
BIG ADVISE FIRST!!! Before watching this season of Tenchi Muyou you have to watch the S3 of this one (duh!), Tenchi Muyo! GXP and Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari. This season ties the 3 of them, in my case, I haven't watched GPX and it hurt my enjoyment a bit.

Second, my view on this 4 seasons of the show, the first season was a solid and enjoyable entry that I really recommend for anyone that likes cute girls, harem and an actual story. Second season is a bit worse than the first one but it's decent too. Third and Fourth are a bit disappointing.

The problem read more
May 29, 2019
Well well, we got a surprise here. This show had a decent beginning with a weak follow up... but after a couple of episode it improved against all odds, I almost dropped it.

So first, if you like mystery shows or time travel stuff with some weird theories then you should enjoy this. Despite the pretty generic beginning with predictable outcomes during the first episodes, the show started to surprise with things that you woudn't expect and I really enjoyed that. Sooo, the plot is interesting if you like the stuff I mentioned.

The characters were also better than I expected, especially the MC, he has a read more
Apr 6, 2019
Well, this is one of the most insane shows I've ever seen, the humour is similar to danshi koukousei no nichijou, cromartie high school and Gintama. The episodes are short but intense. This one is really random and I loved it.

It's a comedy, nothing else nothing more. If you wanna laught, this could be for you. The only way to describe it is random, you need to watch it to understand it... or watch the shows I named.

Art: insane. It can look like shit, it can look average, it can look detailed af or very serious. This show plays a lot with it and it read more
Mar 30, 2019
Good art, animation and voice acting. Great OST. Decent pace. Interesting story and characters, with a pretty natural development and grow. The premise of how the became a family and all of that is unrealistic af, but it doesn't hinder the story.

Despite being a romance with a heavy lean on drama, it never crossed the line of feeling forced nor stupid. Most of the characters feel realistic, as well as their relationships and interactions. Love and sex is not always happy nor sad, bittersweet is the best way to describe it and this show is what is trying to pull.

Besides the romance, this read more
Mar 28, 2019
This show was watchable for me, just that. Unremarkable. Forgettable.

Now first lets discuss one thing that it's been bothering me, this show is a shounen and it's easy to tell, don't get why some people are trying to call it seinen. Now the details.

CHARACTERS: not that much development, kids are orphans and they still are the same as the beginning. Not much there. Their personalities are pretty standard for a shounen, I wouldn't call it generic but they aren't deep, realistic nor unique enough to feel some special attachement. At least for me.

STORY: kids discover the truth and now they have to do what they read more
Mar 26, 2019
This is a review after finishing s2. The first half of s1 and the second half of the s2 were the most enjoyable part for me, from episodes 7 - 18 the show was painful. One of the things that I liked is the end, it felt really closed and satisfying. 6 is good, not bad, I kinda liked the show.

Characters: ok character development for the most part, Ito and Ayado felt like the weaker characters in the show. Most of the cast is or becomes pretty likeable.

Sound: OST is OK, VA too.

Art: kinda cute, not bad but it's like... too bright.

Animation: A disaster, read more
Mar 13, 2019
First, 6 is a good score. I enjoyed the show, even as someone that hates CGDCT, so I think that everyone should give this show a chance. Now I'm going to say what I liked and what I didn't liked, you can make your own conclussions of that. This is a SoL, so don't expect story (obviously).

The best: Osaka, I loved her hahaha.

Also, this show is the only one that made me feel all those emotions that I felt when I used to go to school and the end of that stage. The bittersweetness of living. That is one of the reasons I read more
Dec 24, 2018
Ok, first lets clear some doubts.

This show has historical content but is not that much, the only way it can bother you is if you hate culture or history to an extreme.

The famous CGI bear, between the 2 seasons there is 5 minutes of CGI animals, everything else is 2-D so don't be afraid about it.

This show has a heavy focus on comedy, so have that in mind.

Now the real review:

Story: the show is basically an adventure where there is no clear good or bad guy, even tho is simple that doesn't mean predictable or boring. This show has it's fair share of plot read more