Jun 20, 2019
FaizKTG (All reviews)

Watamote. Some say it's a cringy anime, some say it's a depressing anime and some say (like me) it's a #RELATABLE anime for fellow introverts! for some parts at least... I'm looking at you the episode where Tomoko tries to get harassed by someone on the train!
Watamote is an anime that shows you the most awkward and cringiest moment of Tomoko, an introvert trying to be the popular one at high school. This anime is supposed to be cringy and awkward and people tend to find enjoyment out of it because of the #RELATBLE moments and some comedy. so if you are an extrovert and want to watch the anime, get ready for the awkward moments.

Story: 9/10
Tomoko, a shy introverted girl wants to make her dream of becoming the popular person at school a reality. But what she didn't know is the suffering that's waiting for her when the school starts! follow, tomoko's awkward/relatable moments! when she tries to talk to adults but couldn't say a word (RELATABLE) when she criticises extroverts because of their way of thinking (RELATABLE) when she tries to start small talk with two boys but made the conversation awkward (RELATABLE) when tomoko starts her dating simulator on her computer and her mom gets on her room and tomoko accidentally removes her headset plug making the loud noises of PORN come out! (relatable?) when she goes to a damn train because she wants to get harassed by a dude only to get fucking raped by a long stick! (I HATE THAT MOMENT!) anyways I feel you get me right? there is lots of moments that tomoko experiences that are pretty relatable to introverts and there is some parts that only exist just to be depressing (THE DAMN TRAIN).
Aside from the very weird ones, having an anime with lots of relatable momments is always fun (just like memes) and that's why I enjoy it!, one of my favourite moment that describes literally my teenagehood is the one when the summer holidays starts and Tomoko stays at her house just playing games/reading manga the whole summer! (now that's relatable ma dudes)
There is also one relatable moment for girls who had low self-esteem some point in their life (I think it's the one where Tomoko tries to look "cute" then she ends up looking like a creepy version of Niko from love live)
The ending just made the story more releastic! if you are an introvert, just look at your school life and see if there are happy endings.
I'll rate the story a 10/10!

Art: 10/10
The artstyle is pretty cool! infact I actually really like it, I don't know why but the cartoony and realistic style of art just makes this anime much more fun to watch. Anyways art is just like graphics in video games, it looks good? then it's a 10/10

Sound: 10/10
The sound, holy shit the sound! it's pretty cool. every voice actor had done a pretty good job voicing the characters especially the one who voiced Tomoko. Tomoko's voice describes herself and her personality, The weird kid that doesn't speak a word! since introverts don't talk regularly I think their voices become weird just like Tomoko's? never happened to me so it's not a 100% The opening is really fucking good, describes Tomoko so well!

Characters: 10/10
There are lots of characters with different personalities, Tomoko's brother is my favourite (because he looks like me!) anyways, there are the extroverts, the introverts, the weird cousin that think you are special, just anyone! The character development does exist, with tomoko finally saying goodbye to the adult, the brother gets more annoyed at tomoko everytime, the extorverts become more annoying, blah blah blah I'll give it a 10/10

Enjoyment: 10/10
It's really enjoyable, even tho it's awkward you can still find enjoyment off of awkward stuff it's pretty fun to cringe sometimes! you know what else is fun? the #RELATABLE moments that you'll never experience, stupid extrovert!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha when am I gonna get a girlfriend... anyways, it's a 10/10

Overall: 10/10
This anime is just great! I've had lots of fun watching it and have learned to never become an introvert! now me, get ready to experience the pain of trying to become a sociable person (never happening lol) anyways, don't watch this anime if you think it's C R I N G E, better watch other relatable anime like idk aggretsuko? what? you are 14 and an introvert? then watch watamote!