May 21, 2019
With 80s anime I feel I cannot do them justice since I was born way past the decade. But since I am looking for the worst anime shows The Wounded Man doesn't get any good commentary from me at all.

Before starting the first impressions when I saw the DVD cover of this thing was "is this a B-film right and/or Porno right?" and I wasn't too far from it. Some spoilers ahead.

The story of the Wounded Man is just an incomprehensive mess and that tries way too hard to be a tragic, mafia, porno with some historic points of what was happening in the 80s.

So the story starts in Brazil and presents us about some Japanese reporters going to the Amazon Jungle searching for gold because there is a gold rush there, to my surprise this did happened, the real story is that during that time on a place called Serra Pelada there was a rumour abour gold mines and if you look for images and documentaries on the thing, those men look like ants destroying the land for gold. So just a little curiosity.

Well going with the story our protagonist, an american football player, Keisuke Ibaraki goes there to escape his life from USA because he is convicted by a false crime done to his girlfriend and all of this was caused by a blackmail pornographic company that extorsions famous people so they can sell porno movies of them on the black market.

The first thing I must say from this show is that is very sickening to watch btw MAL how do you categorize what is hentai and what is not hentai? Because this could be easily be considered hentai. Since I have mentioned that there is porn then this show will shove it your face whenever they can. Our "poor" protagonist the first thing he does is that when the reporters try to understand the situation going on the Amazon, the idiot decides to almost kill the camera man and then violently he rapes the reporter. Yes, for some reason the story tries to make us feel bad for the miserable guy with his back story but in the first minute he appears he does a more sickening stunt and for what reason, so they can undestand the troubles the japanese are getting into. Like What the hell dude? So your answer to say that the place could be dangerous is that you are dangerous too? Wow what a genius.

In the end of the first episode then the reporter has a change of heart and says that she loves him, even though he raped her. Yeah this is the kind of intelligence this show has. Unless she enjoys being raped than consensual sex then that's why she "loves" him maybe.

One big flaw of this show is the characterization of the female characters, they are sex objects, they just show them naked for just showing them naked. Do exercise; naked, use a pistol; be naked, cooking; be naked, everything these women have to do they have to shove their boobs all over the screen.

Also our main protagonist loves these women in this show so much that even has pictures of them even if they die. Keisuke is simply a MACHO MAN in everything and the asshole is inmortal yes, I am not kidding. He gets burned, he gets shot by guns, he gets wounded. But the girlfriends he has, they die in an instant. I don't understand the physical rules of this setting.

The other characters doesn't save also from this big rant. There is a scene where he decides to leave Brazil and go back to USA using a boat from another girl that lives there in Brazil and she decides to help her with the condition that some gold found must be shared which they do. But before leaving the maritime borders they get assaulted by some guys and his girlfriend reporter dies and for some reason when they are at the maritime borders, he and the ship girl have a fake discussion that leaves to this passionate sex and the officers just stand there enter look at the documents, see the dead girlfriend on the bed and they think she is sleeping. Like WTF? Try to do that on a border control and see what happens or simply the author treats the Brazilian police like idiots and besides passing the Brazilian guards, Tell me how you are going to be outside the view of 27 caribbean territories without knowing if you are near their maritime borders and remember this was a cheap boat that was built and not some highclass ship without some GPS or even a map. Yeah I am analyzing way too much.

Another factor that really sucks balls about this show is the action sequences and again the protagonist is the main problem, he has a special martial art that I am going to call Muay Quaterback Fu, because doing the same movements that you do as an american football player is very useful as a combat style and the action sequences. The action scenes are badly made. Oh look I am reviewing another Magic Bus anime, who would tell, and for being their first work it blows. With the action scenes they just repeat like 3-5 times the same movement over and over just to kill time. There is a fight between Keisuke and porn mafia guy that looks like F.A.N.G from SFV and they just do the same crappy movement with the knife. Other action scenes are just too quick with some flashy portraits to say that something "cool" happened but are lazy and terrible.

And since I am talking about animation, the producers couldn't decided what tone skin Keisuke has. Sometimes he is black, sometimes he is mixed, sometimes he is white and sometimes the mixed of obscure backgrounds make some characters make them look like are just eyes floating and yes I have seen that in animation but here it is so notorious that if someone has darker skin color he or she is also the background. It is embarrasing to even say it nicely.

To finish this review the ending is simply idiotic. Since he wants revenge of everything tragic in his life he will go to practice his Muay Quaterback Fu to the governement and also I forget to mention that when he arrives to USA he becomes famous again and plays the sport, but also becomes a mafia boss and the problem is that with these 80s productions sometimes you had to read the manga to know what actually happens it is not like today that are adaptations of the manga mostly done chapter by chapter. In the 80s they just grabbed some part of the story and animated to the way they wanted but again if the bits they had picked were good and tried to make at least some part of the story tolerable this wouldn't be bad or just go full fun like Cipher The video, which is what these guys from Magic Bus did years later. But no it is a mess from start to finish.

My final thoughts on this thing. If you want to watch this it would a big drag because 5 episodes of almost 40 minutes and with bad english subtitles or unless you know spanish because there is also an spanish subtitles version this will be hard. But also the payoff is not existent. The porn is stupidly bad and just to attract someone who really is desperately horny and the action is laughable with animation that seems to use their characters with toys physics instead of human physics and not understanding what the hell to do with a story that it could be horrible even for the manga, but I don't know that.

Thanks for reading the review, hope you enjoyed, sorry for any english mispelling/grammar mistake. Take care in whatever you do and see ya around.
Reviewer’s Rating: 1
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