May 20, 2019
BlueEclispe (All reviews)
Grisaia, a story known for two things, a main character who has sex with EVERYONE including his biological mother, adoptive mother, sister.... You get it... and assassins. Now guess what Phantom trigger doubles down on... Assassins.
Okay, to summarize this plot, there is an entire school of wannabe assassins, our somewhat main character is a new teacher at this school who's class are the problem children that are made up of cute girls and a trap. The actual show is watching them fight with a backstory tossed in somewhere every once in a while.

This would be great if the show had the animation budget for it but it doesn't. It is not all bad but you get more than your fair share of close ups and other gimmicks to save cost. They allocate everything else to the quick fights but since they are quick overall the show is lacking.

The characters themselves so far fall into tropes, the short cute tsundere that doesn't want to be called cute. The dumb energetic big boobed girl that happens to be good at shooting. I'm not going to go over them all now but they aren't completely bland, they just aren't special.

To summarize it all, it is not a completely bad show but i suggest you watch the parts with the harem god of a mc first just so you are invested. When it comes to the sex and stuff it is extremely toned down from the source material if you aren't up for it. A lot is even cut out so sit in for the unique plot that no other show has. After you are
attached to the brand come to this.