May 15, 2019
dd_xx (All reviews)
Story 8/10

I find the story of Black Clover very interesting, though it is admittedly cliché. I don't feel as though the anime is trying to be a masterpiece of any sort, but nevertheless it is a very fun anime to watch as we can grow to love the characters and see their development as the story continues. There are no plot holes or inconsistencies so far, and the latest episode and arc has been one of the strongest of its whole run.

Art 6/10

The art isn't particularly special, and there were a few times where the animation did lack slightly though the scenes were still enjoyable.

Sound 6/10

Again, the sound was fairly average. I did enjoy the OP though it's far from the best I've heard.

Character 9/10

The characters are really what sells the show for me. I believe Asta's circumstances are very interesting, and the way he deals with his personal struggle I very much enjoy. I do understand the comparison to other beloved characters such as Naruto, however I feel like Asta has a different charm to Naruto. Asta and Yuno's relationship is very interesting to watch and believable. The story really does make you root for the "peasants" and also establishes the differences between them and royalty.

Enjoyment 9/10

I very much enjoy the show overall. I love the characters, the battles they have the face and the world and power system in general.

Therefore I give the anime an 8/10 overall.