Apr 15, 2019
bluetopiam (All reviews)
"ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka" had been on my planned to watch list for quite a while. I remember being really interested to watch it after reading the synopsis but didn't dive in immediately when I saw that this anime has only 12 episodes. With the expansive world already suggested by the synopsis, I was hesitant as to whether they would be able to explore enough of each of the 13 states; surprisingly, they were able to execute it very well for a 12 episodes series. I was really intrigued by the diversity and unique characteristics of the structures, citizens, and lifestyles from each district.
In terms of each episode's pacing, I agree to both sides and think that the "slow" pacing is both efficient and deficient to the enjoyment of the show. The first few episodes the show focuses more on building and introducing the different states that forms the kingdom of Dowa. So compared to the later episodes, the first few episodes are considered to be more slow paced, however, I believe the content provided was essential to make the audience have a better understanding of the circumstances of the different states as well for the overall of the kingdom's. Without this preparation, the plot twists hidden in this show (which surprisingly has quite a lot) wouldn't have as much of a big impact to the audience. Additionally, I liked how there were scenes that was more "slice of life" and that every second of the show didn't have to always be about the main plot of coup d'état; I feel like I'm able to watch and consider this anime as "relaxing" despite the complex story line it has.
I'm thankful that I've discovered this show after it has finished airing because honestly, had I discovered it since the beginning and had to wait week by week to watch an episode, I may have dropped it since the beginning as I tend to prefer more fast paced animes of the same genre. If you're reading this and haven't watched ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka yet, I really suggest you try watching it; I feel like I shouldn't say anything more or else I'll be spoiling the excitement ahaha