Apr 13, 2019
conquerwithin (All reviews)
Misogynistic. Cliche. Boring.

In essence, terrible.

I thought it was going to get better with character development. But every time you'd think the characters have finally changed, they'd disappoint you again.

The love interest (the prince) commits terrible things against the female main character (FMC) (yanking her hair, strangling her, forcing kisses on her,etc) yet the weak ass FMC grows to love him. In fact the prince continues to act possessive as fuck and like a 5 year old child. But of course instead of developing his character into becoming a better person, the author romanticizes this.

I thought Loki would be better but he's as possessive as the dick prince.

Honestly, I was even ready to pretend the sexual assault never happened to continue reading (like in Light and Shadow) but the story was so boring it wasn't even necessary. I should've dropped it from the beginning.