Mar 31, 2019
Sasori_Nagashi (All reviews)
What more can there be to say about the anime that has a cry for help from the animation staff in it's own credits? The anime that has been damn near universally hated by any and all human beings ever unlucky or foolish enough to sully their eyes with it?

As it is with the main series, the art and animation quality are comparable to a teenage youtuber's first animation project. The sound design isn't truly awful but it's subpar and leaves little-to-no lasting impression. The writing is just a slew of cliche game and movie references that would make even the most hardened soul cringe hard enough to give themselves a massive hernia.

I would say it's passable as spank material but between the above mentioned sins against man, nature and God and the awful voices/voice acting performances I doubt anyone with an IQ above Potato would maintain interest (or firmness) while viewing.