Feb 5, 2019
asyrannh (All reviews)
This is literally pure fanservice....

Honestly I thought these were going to be just normal ova's but damn this was a whole new level. I like the twist at the end of every episode too lmao. Usually I would drop anime with fanservice like these (i.e : KissXSis) but I decided not to since I was bored as hell.

Like what else are you going to ask for? It's practically hentai but not hentai so if you gon' go and fap to this really wouldn't recommend. cause that would be kinda stupid but you do you mate. you do you.

Oh yea last episode was kinda 'meh' cause really did not expect 'her' to be part of the fanservice. kinda disgusting and now i feel guilty

10/10 would recommend the fuck out of this fannservice