Jan 29, 2019
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I have to say that to some extent, I was disappointed, as I expected far more from this anime. Of course, don't get me wrong as I simply love watching anime that has a supernatural theme, with a hint of romance in it as well. But this romance part, is a bit too cliched and typical, like it is with most shows. We see Karin as she falls in love with Usui, and how their relationship develops in an awkward teenage love setting, as Karin tries to deal with managing her nosebleeds. None the less, it's just your typical love story, but with an addition of the fact that Karin is a vampire that injects blood, and does the complete opposite of what you would expect from her character. Of course, the relationship is not in fact the strongest point of the anime. None the less, there are comedic moments, which in fact make up for this.

On the other hand though, I have to admit that what truly made the show, what it is, is Karin's family. From the quite, reserved yet influential Anju, is always there for Karin. I liked her character in particular, as unlike the rest of her family, she is the one who seems to keep her cool the most. Unlike Ren, who loves flirting, and often gets scolded by his mother. Whilst her parents are found to be very opposite to each other, with her father being the "softie" whilst Karin's mother is who keeps everyone, and everything in check. Of course, we can't forget Elda, Karin's grandmother who with her almost girly attitude when it comes to Karin, is truly one of a kind of a character on the show. Which I suppose, is why I really like her character, as she truly stands out, especially when she is around Karin. It's almost like she has a split personality. Overall, I feel like the divide on how the characters are, is what truly makes this show what it is.

As for the overall appearance of this show, it was interesting. From the colour pallets, to the art style of the characters, it was all fitting with the show. I have to say that, this art style has keep true to the original story, from the manga, even though it has strayed away the greater details, and it could have done so much better, if it kept more true to the manga story.