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Alternative Titles

English: Karin
Synonyms: Chibi Vampire Karin
Japanese: かりん


Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Nov 3, 2005 to May 11, 2006
Premiered: Fall 2005
Broadcast: Fridays at 00:00 (JST)
Studios: J.C.Staff
Source: Manga
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.261 (scored by 70,000 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #26532
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #764
Members: 134,544
Favorites: 814


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Jul 2, 2007
jet2r0cks (All reviews)
To be honest I expected a lot from it and unfortunately the first 5 episodes didn’t really grab me. However, after episode 5 things got better and the plot became more definite.

Speaking of the plot… So it’s about Karin, a freak among vampires. She’s probably what you would refer to as an anti-vampire. She doesn’t suck blood as often as other vampires do, since she actually makes blood, she bathes in daylight with no problem whatsoever – The bottom line is that she can do what other vampires can’t. Basically, the fact that Karin’s not a normal vampire, is what the plot revolves on.

She would read more
Aug 21, 2007
animemark35 (All reviews)
Karin is my favorite romantic comedy ever. I believe the reason for this is because I like vampire shows so this is a huge plus for me, there is also the fact that it had a real end unlike most romantic comedies. I love the characters in this show especially karin herself she is definitely unique. My biggest disclaimer to people about this show would be if you are looking for a show that is on the serious side this is not for you. so if you like things a little out of the norm then this may be a good fit for you.
Jan 13, 2011
artist-retired (All reviews)
Adding one anime only character apparently can completely change (Ruin) the entire story, this is NOT an over exaggeration.

STORY: This is the adaption of the manga Karin (AKA chibi vampire in the US, and by the way is my favorite romantic comedy manga) which is about a unique vampire girl who instead of drinking blood, shes injects her blood into her victims and the injecttee becomes hyper active for a while.
But if she doesn't, her blood literally explodes out of her nose (Which this and the concept itself is what the series is known for).

The anime only covers like 20 something chapters of the read more
Jul 11, 2010
jda95 (All reviews)

"Love is tainting the night deeply scarlet."

Karin is an interesting show. At its heart, there is a clear, powerful romance. Add to it a supernatural backstory, and some hilarious comedy, you've got Karin.

Meet Karin Maaka. She's a girl caught between two worlds. At first glance, she's just an ordinary, easily embarrassed high school girl. She has a couple of friends, and has a hard time juggling schoolwork and her part time job. But of course, there's a twist!

Karin is a vampire. She lives in your stock creepy old haunted mansion on the hill with her vampire family. But, to this, there is another twist. Karin read more
Apr 4, 2013
Growler (All reviews)
A refreshing romantic comedy that brings up a new concept to the table... reverse vampires.
I thought it was silly at first but while I watched more and more episodes I realized it's not that silly as this concept is the basis for the humor. The story spins around Karin a high school girl with problems every teenager has as well as something more. She is an unvampire and eldest daughter of a family of regular vampires.
That triggers several reactions from her family members that lead to funny situations.
Whats more about the story and is not a spoiler is that it has a little bit of read more
Jul 12, 2008
IcePrincess1513 (All reviews)
I absolutely loved the Karin series. I first read the manga and I really enjoyed that one so I decided to watch the anime not really expecting something much better. I like how they changed things up in the anime and especially Karin's grandmother Elda Marker.

Honestly, I loved how Karin's and Kenta's relationship developed within the story and I'm glad they added Winner to the series. One of my favorite characters was Anju because of her devotion to her sister (Karin) and the inclusion of Ren's personal story which completely differs from what the manga told you.

Overall, I would recommend this series for anyone who read more
Aug 24, 2012
angelsreview (All reviews)
For a show about vampires, this is very fruity. I consider it almost like the Twilight of anime Vampires though I did enjoy it. It has an interesting feel to it even though it doesn’t go for a normal vampire storyline.

The characters are rather odd and are sometimes annoying. Karin is whinny, her friend Maki is a annoying little bitch that creates some of the trouble for Karin, her brother Ren is a womanizing whore, her father is a dotting father, and her mother is really abusive. It does make a lively bunch but sometimes a little two lively. It just doesn’t have much read more
Jan 29, 2019
Hime-han (All reviews)
I have to say that to some extent, I was disappointed, as I expected far more from this anime. Of course, don't get me wrong as I simply love watching anime that has a supernatural theme, with a hint of romance in it as well. But this romance part, is a bit too cliched and typical, like it is with most shows. We see Karin as she falls in love with Usui, and how their relationship develops in an awkward teenage love setting, as Karin tries to deal with managing her nosebleeds. None the less, it's just your typical love story, but with an addition read more
Oct 27, 2012
Caleb_Marvell (All reviews)
Karin, not your typical vampire. She isn't really a blood-sucking vampire, I like to think of her as a blood-donor. I will tell you this, this anime isn't for everyone, and let me say this upfront, I didn't expect much from this in the beginning, like most people, I sat through the first 3 or 4 episodes just waiting for her to stop bolting away from Usui whenever he came into the scene, you know, something interesting. Luckily I started to enjoy it more and more after the first few episodes. It was funny, had an interesting story, good show overall.

Story-wise, it doesn't fully unfold read more
Mar 20, 2014
Synkue_Amulate (All reviews)
oke to be honest, i really didn't expect much of this anime... when i started watching the first episodes it tottaly wrecked my picture of the whole vampire idea... i dropped it after the first episode because i didn't really thought it would become something better. But after a week or two i saw it in my list and i began to read the reviews of others. it made me want to watch it again and know i'm at episode 22. if it wasn't for the fact i have to learn for my pw i would finish it right away.
chibi vampire karin is cute, read more
Jun 8, 2009
MoMo-Da-Gr8 (All reviews)
Warning: I read the manga first, watched the anime second.

Story: 6/10
Maaka Karin comes from a family of vampires living in Japan, but she is not a normal vampire. Vampires are normally supposed to drink the blood of their victims...but Karin suffers from a condition that causes her body to produce excessive amounts of blood. About once a month, she has to get rid of the excess blood by giving it to her "victims." But she somehow manages...she goes to school like everyone else her age.

Well, things are about to get more complicated. When a new student, Usui Kenta transfers into Karin`s class, she starts producing read more
Dec 11, 2015
ShySorcerer (All reviews)
Who would have thought a romantic comedy could make me feel like I wasted so much time. This anime simply is not very good and drags on way too long. If it developed its poor story in the span of 13 episodes it might have received a higher score.

Lets start with a quick overview of the story. Karin is about a vampire named Karin. She of course has a secret. She isn't the usual kind of vampire, she creates blood, can go out in daylight, likes garlic, can touch crosses and sleeps at night. She accidentally shows read more
Dec 4, 2016
gworcester (All reviews)
This anime is one of my childhood favorites. I'm not sure what about it I am so drawn to, it could be the awesome artwork, the funny characters, or the overall romance and comedy. This anime has so much going for it, it's hard to choose one reason why I like it so much. Honestly, all I can say is that this anime is a 10 out of 10 and that I would recommend it to almost anyone. It is a bit bloody and a tiny bit perverted, but the story line is sweet despite this being an anime about vampires. The characters are hilarious, read more
Sep 30, 2016
Animeprophet951 (All reviews)
It is a trick as old as time, to flip conventions on their heads and have the reverse of a common idea play out. We´ve seen it time and time again, sometimes deep and tragically other times bubbly and funny. This element, that we call "irony" and in other cases "parody" is what the premise to "Karin" promises us.

Like any good romance, the show takes a great focus onto it´s two main characters Usui Kenta and Karin Maaka. Setting aside the random detail of Usui´s stare, the story doesn´t really play into anything too unconventional. It´s plot and a lot of character interactions are read more
Feb 11, 2018
otakuAshu2812 (All reviews)
First few episode really got me worried about Karin's love life but after few episodes I felt relieved. Karin is a really kawaii and loving high school girl. She is really helpful and can do ANYTHING for people she cares about. She is a well wisher and gets embarrassed easily especially near Usui-kun. Not to mention she is extremely dense(like when Maki told her that she likes W-kun, Karin couldn't guess W-kun was Winner-kun). Keeping these aside Karin is also a vampire-bood sucking one. So, naturally she is the odd one out in her family. Her mother hits her with slipper, her brother read more
Jul 5, 2016
AppleIceCream (All reviews)
Ah, Karin chibi vampire, actually my second anime.

What I have to say about it?

For the story there are two things that annoy me "a bit". First, why she had to be different from other vampires? That sounded so cliché, i would prefer Karin to be a normal vampire from the begginning.
She didn´t needed to be different from others, a romance between a vampire and a human is very commun but between a special vampire and a human gets even more commun afterall.
Second... I hated the ending. Unconsistent, fanservicing... and why that drama with the characters if in the end they... well... who read more
Oct 4, 2009
LightofDarkness (All reviews)
The first few episodes were definitely not grabbing my attention. However.. around episode 6 everything became much more full, and enjoyable. If you want to see a nice romantic comedy, but warm at the same time, this is a very ncie episode!!!
Apr 15, 2016
emojipiggie (All reviews)
Karin is truly a unique anime. It is definitely one of my favorites.

STORY- 10 - Usually I don't like things with vampires. Especially vampire romances. Vampires are usually the same, cliche thing, but this story is amazingly unique. I mean, what other vampire have you heard of who makes blood, and then gets rid of it through massive nosebleeds? I promise, it is a lot better than it sounds.

ART- 7 - This is a pretty old anime, so the art style isn't the best. It is definitely not bad, and I doubt, unless you're super big on art, you'll care.

SOUND- 9 - The music read more
Jul 13, 2009
garrym (All reviews)
Karin (Chibi Vampire)

Based on an original manga written & illustrated by Yuna Kagesaki.

Anime produced by J C Staff, directed by Shinichiro Kimura.

First aired on WOWOW, November 2005 to May 2006.

24 episodes of 25 minutes each!


A family of vampires have set up home in a Tokyo suburb. They live quietly, hidden away from their neighbours by a sort of psychic barrier, surrounded by their familiars. Their eldest daughter, Karin, has a problem. She doesn’t suck blood!

She is a “Blood Maker” A sort of reverse vampire, who injects the surplus blood that her body produces into her “victims”. As her blood levels increase every month, read more
Nov 8, 2011
jahred (All reviews)
I think this is a really funny anime it has characters that fit and the parents you know the ones that are the awkward types. You have your over protective dad and you got a mom who likes to hit her husband the person i liked the most in the anime was the non vampire (karin) who would of guessed someone would make a anime of this but i think it could of done with a little more awkward moments but i really did like it i recommend this to kids 13+.