Jan 21, 2019
FeelsBad (All reviews)
"Mado kara Madoka-chan" is about the random interactions that happen between Madoka-chan and our typical salaryman MC. It's a nice read for when you're sitting on the bus with a couple minutes to spare as chapters aren't too long, and you can skip around since the plot continuity isn't important.

Why does Madoka-chan do these things? Does she want to help him? Is it just fun for her? Is she just bored? Maybe we'll find out.

So far the series does not disappoint with all the random occurrences we see at Madoka-chan's window, and I eagerly await whats next to come. I'm enjoying this series so far, and I hope that you'll give it a try too.

Edit: Holy hell, I just read the last chapter recently and it's beautiful.