Jan 18, 2019
otakukunkou (All reviews)
I'm not someone who writes reviews, so the fact that I decided to write a review for Fukigen No Mononokean speaks volumes in itself. First, I feel the reviews given to this anime is unfair in itself. And I do understand why. Mostly because people tend to compare it to the already popular supernatural anime around. And if you do that, you will not enjoy this gem of an anime.

I'll keep this short and sweet. If you want to enjoy FNM, you need to throw away all the perceptions and judgement of supernatural anime with demons and gods. This is a different story. There is no character that is weak and fragile and is trying to make a difference or a God who is banished and wants to recreate himself.

This story is about a boy who assists another and helps the lost demons of this world get back to their homes in another world. It's a fun ride no doubt.

Story: 7

Like I said, this isn't one of those hold-your-breath shounen anime. It's a gentle and sweet ride. There isn't much complications but it is interesting enough to keeping you watching episode after episode due to their "mysterious" nature, I guarantee you that.

Art: 8

Simple but beautiful with good animation. The "other world" in this anime is nicely draw. Again simple but soothing with a setting that is easy to take in.

Sound 8:

The VA's were amazing. They fit to their characters perfectly. The soundtracks were not the sort that you would listen later and download to your phones but they did the trick of creating the right tone for this anime. The OP was my favorite. It was nothing like Gitnama's or Noragami's opening but more to the lines of Tanaka-kun is always listeless.

Character: 9

This for me was the winning point. There is no character that is weak or useless. The main character is a school boy that discovers a supernatural creature and wants to help it get home and in doing so he meets Abeno, the master of the Mononokean. And the title of the anime fits him perfectly "the Morose Mononokean". He is broody and doesn't want to do anything with our MC but gets along with him (like all other characters) throughout the story. And the transition from his I-don't-care to he-is-my-friend is flawless and beautiful. There is no hints of BL like others make out. It's a normal friendship between two high schoolers or in this case a Master Mononokean and his apprentice.
The side characters that are shown in this anime is also interesting and fun to watch. You will definitely fall for at least one of them. I guarantee.

Enjoyment and Overall: 8

I thoroughly enjoyed this anime to the point where I went and read the manga afterwards. And I definitely would watch the other seasons when they come out withour a doubt. And if you watch it with an open mind you would like it too.