Jan 16, 2019
Lookism (Manga) add (All reviews)
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Park Hyung Suk(Daniel), overweight and unattractive, is bullied and abused on a daily basis. But a miracle is about to happen.

Story 10+/10
The story focuses on Daniel's adventures and the fact that he has two bodies, as we will see later we will also tell a lot about the other characters giving us the opportunity to know them from our point of view and not only that of the protagonist.They are treated themes that not all works have the courage to rappresent, a clear example are pedophilia, rape, obsession, stalking and even religious themes.The bullisma is not romanticized and we see that each of the previous points expressed are touched with all their completeness without fear of nothing. Proceed the plot begins to divide into arcs where the author allows us to better organize the plot and to be able to divide it, always inserting some mention or advance here and the next arch. Entered moments are not forced and I spontaneous laughter escaped, there are not the classic scenes ecchi or the falls that are shown as something tender, the comedy is genuine and well inserted. usion the plot starts with a very simple and at the same time innovative concept that introduces us to live and follow a plot that will make the reader more and more cautious.

Art 9.9/10

The art of the author is precious and delicate, colorful and transmits perfectly every expression and feeling that the characters feel, changes according to the situation, in fact we move from a cheerful and colorful to a gloomy in dramatic moments by immersing the reader more and more in the moment.Who criticize the design style of the author that show his draw.The designen of characters is great, I found REALISTS, NOT EVERYONE ARE KIRINO OR MODELS,Like in other stories where the characters are all beautiful. So sincerely who is accustomed to a story where everyone they are so beautiful like Leonardio di Caprio and the women are a big boobies ,fall to their feet and go back to read those shitty harem without any sense because this story is not for them.The bodies are proportionate and completely realistic there and if we think there could be people like that.Some moments but I found the faces a little disproportionate but I'm kind of 2 throughout the story and the first time you do not even notice, but ins and style is almost PERFECT.

Characters 10/10
Well done, constant and not repetitive development. The story itself makes you love every character, suffer, cry, laugh, rejoice for them, there are no characters passive or lifeless, everyone has well-defined characteristics.There are characters for all types and tastes, each with a story to tell, with merits and defects that make them HUMAN. Some of them will hit the reader and many times, in my case, they will make at least one tear, while in other cases to cry for the impotence and to the thought that someone in the world could spend a moment like this. Everybody shows you their point of view to things and perfectly represents today's society in Korea but many affinities we can find them also in ours. and their intrusion puts us in front of a conflict of world view, just to give you an example, a character that I did not like has had such a nice development that now I adore it. It is also necessary to dwell on what are the drawings, all they have a precise design that allows us not to be confused and to identify them immediately.

Development 10/10

Well-executed, constant and non-repetitive development, it plunges you more and more into the plot and slowly introduces the reader into what is the world of lookism, not only the plot has an excellent development, the characters each one presents a CRAZY development, which is more some less depending on who is more important in that part of the saga, but in the end all show their own evolution, a goal to follow an objective and dream to be realized.there are unpredictable twists that take the reader by surprise to such an extent as to keep him completely enchanted.

Enjoyment 10/10
The weebtoon shows us certain parts or pauses to the development to deepen the characters and I found this choice, unexpectedly effective. There are chapters very funny and interesting, the pace is always constant and I really enjoyed those break chapters.Each chapter made me be willing to continue reading, just know that I read 100 and pass cracks in one night.The superficiality of which some speak sincerely do not see it, indeed I think that some comments are, have not even finished reading all the chapters and give a hasty opinion jumping parts of the story that deserve to be enjoyed.In conclusion read this work is pleasant and additive, mnon all the stories have managed to break the cliche and have had the courage to convey the message of lookism that is a set you many good ideals. This story made me laugh, emotion, cry, etc. , the author has created a work so alive that now I am completely in love with it.
I recommend this story to all those who do not fear reading a story that re-read REALITY, and is suitable for all ages.
Having said all this, I would have never thought to say this, but it is the first time in my life that I give a similar score, and it is because this work deserves that and much more.

final vote: 10