Jan 7, 2019
Rabb2t (All reviews)
im literally shaking and crying rn like it's not even funny

Wow, all I can say about this season is that it was a rollercoaster of emotions. It not only met but exceeded all of my expectations, but managed to make me feel, which hasn't happened since I watched Violet Evergarden a while ago. That deserves its own merit in itself.

Story: Unlike the first season, this portion of the Clannad story does have a heavy focus on the story, and it shows. The show starts off on its happy note from the first season, with Tomoya and Nagisa both in a happy relationship. The events soon shift from happy to sheer depression in the span of only one episode. Everything leading up to that moment is fun filled Clannad antics, like everything that happens over at the Furukawa bakery. However, most of the genius that is the show occurs after the dreaded episode 16. It's what happens next that allows you to be shook and crying. However, most of that will have to be discussed in the character portion. The events that occur in this season build the characters, even more than the first does. Just as a warning, please bring tissues for episodes 16-21 (you have been warned).

Art: The art pretty much stays the same as the first season, except with some updated visuals and better blending. I can't say much here, except for that the visuals within the extremely depressing scenes really help the show, with the fact that they make you focus on the character as they're the only one to focus on. The white background is actually a great idea, as there aren't any distractions that you could focus on. You're focused on the moment, which brings a whole new layer of emotions in.

Sound: Standard. If you read my first season review, it's practically the same thing, except for the fact that character emotions have another layer due to how real the problems that they face with are. No longer are the problems more shallow and not life threatening, but are real and have large impact. Also, the op is actually amazing, and the ed just eases you out of your depression after the last episodes. One of the episodes even does a seemless transition to it with its animation, which I found to be a nice little bonus.

Character: I have lots to say about this section. After Story deals with character development at a scale that the first season doesn't touch. You start out with characters that you already like and are attached to, and it only grows as you progress through the episodes. You feel the struggles that Tomoya goes through, and the sadness he goes through is real. You also feel the changes that each and every character goes through throughout the series. Akio becomes a gag character, and learns to deal with the fact that his daughter is growing closer to Tomoya, and that he must soon adapt to changes while cherishing the time he has with his daughter. Meanwhile, you see changes in our main character himself, especially as he progresses through the story. Already at the beginning, he's different from the beginning of the entire series. You can tell his relationship with Nagisa and his friends have changed him from being a bum to a loving and caring person. He doesn't love school, but everything he's gone through with his friends has made him realise that he does need to change in order to support his growing relationship with Nagisa. This goes even further when you look at the changes in the rest of the story. He changes as he realises that he must work even harder and to change his lifestyle in order to not just support Nagisa, but his future. Even if there are less characters from the first season having an impact, the charm of the show doesn't dissipate. Hell, I'd say that it helps the show's charm seeing how less characters lets Tomoya develop even more as a character.

Enjoyment: This show is basically exactly what I wanted for a sequel, and more. I'd write more here, but try writing through tears. You can't.

Overall: If you don't watch this show, you're a monster. Do it. Now. Bring tissues too. I can see why this show is so highly rated.