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May 29, 2019
War is never stagnant. It follows a wave of battles, each with their own victories and losses, and new conflicts that spark new developments within the conflict. Kaguya-sama showcases the progression of its own kind of war, one between two of the most calculating of strategists in a war completely foreign to them.

Story: Kaguya-sama follows the basic school life format of a calendar year, but with the added twist of showcasing what happens during this time. Although these areas with timeskips usually are resolved with "nothing happened", they work in with the show due to the nature of the characters. However, although working well, read more
May 20, 2019
An inspirational story bigger than the universe. What this show brings is a heartwarming journey of a lifetime just waiting to be unfolded as it goes on.

Story: A Place Further than the Universe utilizes the main goal that the characters ultimately strive to meet throughout the entire story, with seemingly no subplots to distract you. In some cases, this would be a bad idea, but here it is used in a way that allows for rich character development allowing for the story to develop in its own way as well. From the start, the show gives you an idea of what the characters want to read more
Apr 8, 2019
Out of all the animated movies I've watched, I can say that this one holds the title as the best for me. It resonated with me to earn the 10/10.

Story: Maquia's story follows the journey of Maquia, and the struggles through life as she has to live almost undercover, away from everyone and everything that she has ever known. Later on, she does get meetings with her past, but these encounters ultimately either serve as representations of change, or a reluctance to move towards the future. What this movie does well is with the pacing, and how the movie tells the story. Events happen at read more
Apr 1, 2019
Alicization. SAO III. Whatever you want. It's actually not that bad.

Story: This season of SAO is more focused on developing and fleshing out certain parts in the story, rather than having a condensed and rushed version of the source material. This helps it in the long run, allowing for scenes to actually have impact on the story and characters to be developed. However, what this show lacks is that certain aspects of the story that were introduced at the beginning of the show or middle don't seem to carry the relevancy they could have had when getting to the end of the show. For example, read more
Mar 17, 2019
New Game is back in action for a second season, and this time, it focuses on the development of PECO, with art by our favorite purple haired employee, Aoba!

Story: Much like the first season, New Game!! focuses on an episodic formula. Although most episodes have events that are separate, some do impact the overall end of the season. Episodes usually vary between the workplace, and episodes that encompass days off, such as the episode where the cast goes to watch a show. Episodes that are at the workplace show the majority of New Game's storybuilding and character development. Story-wise, the content itself is not deep, read more
Feb 2, 2019
New Game! was a pretty spicy show that honestly did not disappoint. It's sweet, salty, and spicy all at once and ends up being a great mix at parties.

Story: As your run-of-the-mill moe slice of life, there isn't really much story aside from various parts of video game creation. That being said, I can't really rate on story that much.

Art: Cute pastel colors always compliment moe well, and this show shows that. Each character is distinctly different in what colors that accompany them, even from the clothes. This variety prevents everyone from looking or meshing together, which you can see in certain shows, although anime read more
Jan 26, 2019
Everyone has something that haunts them from their past, and what matters most is how you deal with it rather than what it was. Anohana deals with the regrets of 5 characters, and their struggle to move on.

Story: The story of Anohana starts out with a random chance encounter of an old childhood friend that the main character Jinta meets. The show then proceeds to introduce the characters and their history together, and what's happened since. This is cleverly done in a way that has good pacing and allows for the story to be enriched by the character development. You see things progress not just read more
Jan 7, 2019
im literally shaking and crying rn like it's not even funny

Wow, all I can say about this season is that it was a rollercoaster of emotions. It not only met but exceeded all of my expectations, but managed to make me feel, which hasn't happened since I watched Violet Evergarden a while ago. That deserves its own merit in itself.

Story: Unlike the first season, this portion of the Clannad story does have a heavy focus on the story, and it shows. The show starts off on its happy note from the first season, with Tomoya and Nagisa both in a happy relationship. The events soon read more
Jan 7, 2019
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
The first season of Clannad is your average high school anime, maybe with a few magical things happening in it just sprinkled around. When compared to its much higher rated second season, it makes you wonder a bit. However, even still, that doesn't mean that the first season isn't bad. In fact, it's really good at what it does, which is get you invested in characters.

Story: The story isn't the best in this show, I'd say. It starts out with Tomoya Okazaki, a delinquent who's known for skipping class, pulling pranks, etc. He's your average bum. That is, until he meets Nagisa Furukawa, a repeating read more
Jan 1, 2019
Wow. This is truly a masterpiece. I've never seen something so perfect come out of Nasu's work since Carnival Phantasm.

Story: The story follows Gudako and friends, and her gacha filled journey through FGO. Following a 4koma format, there's absolutely no flow, but nobody seems to care. Later on, it follows Gudao and his gay adventures with Astolfo. Honestly, nothing could be better.

Art: Look at the screenshots. You can see it's just the shitpost that is Learning with Manga, but animated.

Sound: Gudako sounds like a demon, but everything else is just a nice performance from the VAs. Mashu ftw.

Character: it's got Astolfo. Enough said.

Enjoyment: read more