Dec 17, 2018
enJ0Yable (All reviews)
At first two diclaimers: I am not a fan of 3D-CGI-animated series. And I didn't play the game Ingress, so I have no knowledge of the story in there.

Story (6/10):
World conspiracy is a theme that is used quite often in anime lately, so the story is nothing special. Some plotholes are there, but in general it's done quite fine. The last two episodes are a bit over the top, and I didn't like the end at all, but that's just my opinion. The plot twists were predictable, at least if you understood what's going on. Even the post-credit-scene in the last episode was no surprise... Maybe that's because I am already fed up with "hey, let's save the world all together"-plots.

Art (5/10):
Yeah, it's 3D-CGI. That means badly drawn figures and movements, but also really nice backgrounds and landscapes, and well-animated action scenes. I don't like it, but it did quite well in this department.

Soundtrack (6/10):
Music is there, the opening and ending songs are both listenable, and the sound effects are fitting to the story.

Character (4/10):
The worst point of this anime. In my opinion only Jack's characterization was done well, both Sarah and Makoto lack of backstory and motives. Well, it may have been kept unknown a bit to still be able to reveal something new in a possible second season, but even with this assumption it's not enough. And the enemies were quite flat, only focusing on their own wellbeing. Megalomaniacs, as always...

Enjoyment (8/10):
This is the point where the anime did best: the suspense and action was good enough to keep me watching and wanting for the story to unfold. Mystery, Sci-Fi and a bit of drama always are a good combination for me to enjoy something.

Overall (6/10):
If you're a fan of mystery and crime, combined with "saving the world", this is something for you. If you can cope with the 3D-CGI-animation and the mediocre plot and characters, I'm sure that you will have some fun with this series. It's interesting, suspenseful and a bit confusing sometimes. I'd like to see more of it. And as it's labeled as "to be continued", I'm quite sure that we will see more of it sooner or later.